Rooted in Catholic values and in the teachings of Jesus Christ, Vandebilt Catholic is a haven for spiritual formation.  Emphasizing the importance of prayer, each school day and class period commences with students and faculty praying together. A morning Mass schedule is also offered in the school’s chapel. School-wide liturgies are celebrated at least twice a month; additionally, seasonal religious rituals are observed.

Each Vandebilt Catholic student receives approximately one hundred fifty hours of faith instruction per year through daily religion classes. In turn, this faith instruction is practiced by Vandebilt Catholic students contributing some twenty thousand service hours per year to the school, the Church, and the community. Among the school’s notable undertakings, the annual Christmas Project permits Vandebilt Catholic students to assist community members in need.

The campus ministry program at Vandebilt Catholic is based on the belief that each person has his or her own gift from God and that each gift is to be used for the common good. The program also recognizes that it is through the Catholic school’s special Charism that students gain an experience of the teaching of the Church in a faith community that complements the family and is directed toward the local parish.

Juniors and Seniors who join Campus Ministry further develop their faith and share in fellowship with other members.  Additional options to grow in faith are provided by Men of Christ, Sisters in Christ, and a Social Justice class that includes a mission trip.

The Religion Department seeks to bring a strong academic education program of religious  formation  and experiential faith. One method of putting the Gospel into practice, service to others, is stressed at every level. Service opportunities are provided throughout the year as a part of the religion program.