Jeremy Gueldner
Ginny Medina - Hamilton '91
Julie Pellegrin
Dean of Academics

Faculty and Staff


Philip Amedee
Teacher, Religion
Katie Anderson '02
Director of Communications


Erica Babin '06
Teacher, Math and ACT Prep
Harold Bauland '82
Teacher, Social Studies
Elaine Beyer
Teacher, Religion
Katie Blanchard
Assistant to the Brothers Hall
Heidi Boudreaux '92
Ami Bourgeois '99
Teacher, Foreign Language
Betsy Breerwood
Director of Major Events and Annual Giving


Gretta Jo Calongne '92
Director of HOPE Program
Greg Castillo
Teacher, P.E.
Katherine Champagne '02
School Counselor, Sophomores and Juniors
Kristin Clark
Teacher, English
Jerwaski Coleman '03
Teacher, Math and P.E.
Bliss Cunningham
School Counselor, Seniors
Shirley Cunningham '68
Secretary, Academics


Katie Donovan
Teacher, Religion and Study Skills
Jeremy Duplantis
Teacher, Science
Stephanie Dupre '88
Secretary, Counseling Center


Jeremey Ezell '06
Teacher, Science


Jane Falgout '04
Teacher, Art and Yearbook


Olivia Galtier '12
Teacher, Math
Rebecca Gaudet
HOPE Program Aide
Mary Catherine Gueldner '98
Teacher, Science


Doug Hamilton '87
Director of Advancement and Alumni Affairs
Julie Hebert '85
Teacher, Religion and English
Cindy Himel


Matt Lanegrasse
Marion Larke '00
Director of Resource Program
Rhonda Ledet '93
Director of Student Activities; Teacher, Foreign Language, Psychology and Journalism
Lori Liner
Caroline Luke
Teacher, Religion


David Malone
Teacher, Social Studies
Valerie Manns
Teacher, English and Psychology
Kelsi Mason
Teacher, Math
Chad Menard
Teacher, P.E. and Foreign Language
Quinn Moreaux
Teacher, Science


Shaunda Naquin
Technology Coordinator


Blaine T Pitre
Teacher, Science
Kaylee Pitre
Director of Admissions, School Counselor, 8th Grade & Freshmen


Ann Robichaux
Teacher, Science
Laurie Robichaux '84
Teacher, Art and Photography


Emma Safley '11
Teacher, Math
Nancy Smith
Teacher, English
Lina Solar
Teacher, Math
Kristin Son '99
Teacher, P.E. and Health
Br. Daniel St. Jacques
School Counselor
Kayla Starr
Teacher, Math


Debbie Theriot
Resource Program Aide
Mason Thibodaux
Teacher, P.E. and Health
Sarah Todd
Teacher, Choir, Art History and Music Appreciation
Bro. Ronald Travers
Teacher, Religion, English and Psychology


Kayla Vicknair
Athletic Director
Janette Villarreal
Teacher, Foreign Language
Jane Voss Lerille '78
Secretary, Athletics


Erin Wagner '88
Teacher, Religion
Libby Wilder
Teacher, English

     It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff members to form themselves in the educational tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and to understand and to accept the religious and educational mission of the school. On a day-to-day basis, faculty members are the individuals with whom students have the most contact and who are in the best position to communicate the school's philosophy and values to the students. In hiring faculty and staff members, administrators seek out individuals who are receptive to a holistic approach to education and who can promote the religious, academic, and extracurricular goals of the school. Formation efforts are designed to enhance the faculty and staff members' understanding of their role in the religious and educational mission of the school. Through the supervision of instruction, administrators assist teachers in the development of pedagogical techniques and attitudes consistent with the philosophy of the school. Open and constructive evaluation of faculty and staff is seen as an important aspect of ensuring that the goals of the school are being met.