Vandebilt Catholic is accredited by Congnia. It operates with the approval of and in full compliance with the Louisiana State Department of Education and the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools.

The curriculum exceeds the Louisiana Core 4 requirements and provides needed TOPS courses as well.The curriculum of Vandebilt Catholic is college preparatory. Students have the opportunity to earn seven credits per year and are required to earn twenty-six units for a Vandebilt Catholic diploma. Honor graduates are required to take a minimum of ten honors courses over the four years of high school, to earn at least twenty-seven units, and to earn at least a 3.5 average.

Vandebilt Catholic High School enjoys a tradition of consistent academic success. Composite ACT scores invariably rank well above the local, state, and national averages. Typically, two thirds to three fourths of the senior class qualifies for TOPS, and ninety-nine percent of each senior class attends a four-year college or university upon graduation from Vandebilt Catholic. Vandebilt Catholic is proud of its list of fifty National Merit Scholars and its two Presidential Scholars.

19-20 ACT Score Comparison

Sacred Heart Scholar Awards

Students who have earned a 30+ on their ACT are awarded the Sacred Heart Scholar Award, established in 2017, in recognition of their high level of academic achievement. To date, Vandebilt Catholic has over ONE HUNDRED students who have earned this award.

Sacred Heart Scholars 2020-2021

Student Name               Graduation Year

Dominic  Arceneaux 2022
Lauren  Bascle 2022
Myra  Berthiaume 2021
Cade  Bordelon 2022
Cameron Brown 2021
Alexander Castell 2022
Alexis  Cayette 2021
Morgan Clayton 2022
Catherine Cobb 2022
Ethan Daigle 2022
Richard  Elfert 2021
Mason  Himel 2022
Hayden  Hohensee 2021
Matthew  Kappel 2021
Andrew Leaber 2022
Corinne LeBlanc 2021
John  LeBlanc 2021
Rylie Malbrough 2022
Lia  Martin 2021
Abigail  Matherne 2021
Annabelle Matherne 2021
Kathryn Melancon 2021
Tia Miller 2021
Brandon Nguyen 2021
Stella Ourso 2022
Anna  Pennison 2021
Stephen Ragas 2022
Collin Robicheaux 2021
Michael Rodrigue 2022
Landon Rogers 2022
Caroline Theriot 2022


Past Sacred Heart Scholar Recipients 

Photograph of Julie Pellegrin
Julie Pellegrin
Dean of Academics