Provides students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities access to an individualized inclusive, student-centered Catholic education.  Promotes the inherent dignity of ALL human persons.  Supports the greater school community in carrying out the school mission by providing all students the means to achieve spiritual, intellectual, personal, social and physical development according to the teachings of the Gospel and Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

Curriculum and Focus

HOPE Program offers a modified inclusion setting for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The goal is to prepare students for the transition to life after high school while continuing to emphasize academic achievement.

HOPE places a strong commitment on academics with significant emphasis towards students' vocation/transitional exploration. Founded on the belief that all individuals can learn, student success is the cornerstone of the program.

 The HOPE curriculum is centered around the following:

  • Each HOPE student’s course of study is individualized and developed through collaboration between the student, parents and faculty.
  • What a student will learn is clearly identified in the annual goals of their ICEP Individualized Catholic Education Plan. Individual progress is based on demonstrated achievements.
  • Vocational/Transitional skills are addressed each year providing soft skills and independent work skills through a comprehensive Vocational/Transitional Curriculum.
  • Each student's needs are accommodated through a variety of instructional strategies and assessment tools in order to realize his or her potential.
  • HOPE students receive individualized job coaching by HOPE faculty for both on campus and off campus employability.
Photograph of Gretta Jo Calongne '92
Gretta Jo Calongne '92
Director of H.O.P.E. Program
Photograph of Becky Gaudet
Becky Gaudet
H.O.P.E. Program Aide