The amount of tuition each year is set in consultation with our Consultative School Board and is published in February  for the following school year. Tuition and fees, along with donations to the school, make up the majority of our income. Registration will be held mid-February for the following school year. Please see the Admissions Timeline for the most current tuition deadlines.

Online Payments

Payments can be made online using Diamondmind to process credit cards by clicking the box below.  A convenience fee of 2.99% is added to all online credit card payments and 0.59% fee to all EFT/ACH online payments. (All convenience fees are subject to change.)

Please note that if you are making a payment for multiple purposes (registration, resource, and/or tuition,) a transaction must be completed for each category. The drop down menu will allow you to choose payment options. You can select the "other amount" option to enter a partial amount for any payment. You will be required to register and create a user name and password. 






Check, cash, or money order

Checks and money order payments can be mailed directly to the school at 209 S. Hollywood Rd., Houma, LA 70360 (Attn: Lori Liner - Business Office.) Payments (excluding credit card) can also be made in person at the Brothers Hall, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm with the exception of holidays. (Summer hours may vary.)


Only tuition, resource, technology fee, and annual fund donations can be financed through the school's bank loan option. This option is only open during registration (typically held in February for the upcoming school year.) Please see the Admissions Timeline for loan dates and deadlines. All loans are processed as a 12-month loan starting in June and ending in May of the applicable school year. All loan applications should be returned to the Brothers Hall.

Photograph of Lori Liner
Lori Liner